Nasagiweya Historical Society
Mandate for Nassagaweya Historical Society

To stimulate interest in local history among residents of Nassagaweya by holding meetings with speakers, presentations, displays, and/or discussions.To discover and collect materials which will help to preserve and illustrate the history of Nassagaweya.

To provide for the preservation and display of such materials and for its accessibility, as far as may be feasible, to all who may wish to examine or study it.

To promote the preservation and restoration of historical areas, buildings, monuments and markers in Nassagaweya.

Membership in the Historical Society means  you are interested and wish  to be a  part in preserving local history.  You are invited to each of the regular meetings, which usually feature an interesting guest speaker or presentation.  You will receive  Newsletters and advance notice of Historical Society events. The NHS always welcomes new members to join the society, or to renew your current membership.

The Nasagaiweya Historical Society is an affiliate of the Ontario Historical Society.

The Nasagiweya Historical Society (NHS) was established in 1983 under the direction of Mel Storey. 2013 will be celebrating 30 years.

Recent publications:
Reprint  Campbellville's 50th Anniversary June 27th, 1964 now available. Cost: $20
 Obituary & Death Notices of Nassagaweya compiled by Joy Simpson
470 pages of typed notices. No images. In alphabetical order. Cross reference to spouse index. Cost: $65 
Nassagaweya Scrapbook Memories, Newsy-bits transcribed from Nassagaweya Scrapbooks
A collection of scrapbook pieces transcribed by Joy Simpson, as originally pasted into local residents' old scrapbooks. Nassagaweya Scrapbook Memories is comprised of engagement,
wedding, birth or death announcements, township meetings, notes outside the township, and overseas news. Softcover, approx.  145 pgs. 3rd  printing   $35.00

Barns in Nassagaweya Heritage Calendar 2012

School Days Heritage Calendar

North of the 15th
Call us for your copy; softcover, 252 pgs. $49.  

The NHS meets 10 times a year.
Society meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of March, April (Annual Meeting), May, June, July, August (BBQ), September October, November (Remembrance Day), December (Christmas Potluck).
We have  fundraisers throughout the year. 

Everyone is welcome and the membership table is always open.

Announcements for upcoming meetings is distributed by email, website and newsletters.
Haltonville Historic Plaque dedication November 9th, 2014.
(left to right) Rev. Doyle Prior (past minister of Ebenezer United  Church), Carman Wilson, (President Nasagiweya Historical Society), Audrey (Aub) Kitching (wife of the late John Kitching), Cindy Lunau (Councillor Ward 3). Rev. Reuben St. Louis (minister of Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church).